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“I‘ll make your

documents the best they can be, so they will bring you the results you want.”
  Linda Jenkins, Editor


“Linda, I can see that you have substantially reworked the manuscript, making the text more interesting and appealing. My sincere thanks.”
J. F., Ottawa
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Current and Recent Projects

Structural and Stylistic Editing — Books

  • a non-fiction history of Ontario
  • a comic memoir
  • a fictionalized account of a historical event
  • a new approach for psychotherapists

Structural and Stylistic Editing — Other Materials

  • a report on local workforce demographics — The original text was written for an academic audience; I reworked it for the general public.

Copyediting — Books

  • textbooks for McGrawhill Ryerson Canada (elementary and high school)
  • teacher’s materials for McGrawhill Ryerson (elementary and high school)
  • Hamilton's Other Railway, a local history
  • a new approach for psychotherapists

Copyediting — Other Materials

  • articles for Health Canada
  • short stories
  • web site content
  • brochures

Evaluations of Book Manuscripts (non-fiction)

  • how to improve corporate culture
  • managing the IT process
  • how to protect your business from computer hackers

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