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“I‘ll make your

documents the best they can be, so they will bring you the results you want.”
  Linda Jenkins, Editor


I am impressed with the quality of Linda Jenkins' editing and thoroughness. I feel Linda's editing skills are excellent and she is very sensitive in her questions and suggestions for clarification and word usage.
H.B., Eugene, Oregon
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A clear message is an effective message.

  • Ideas are only as effective as the way they are communicated.
  • Readers suspect that sloppy writing is the product of sloppy thinking.
  • Clear, impressive writing reflects clear, impressive thinking.
  • Your documents represent you and your organization, so it’s crucial that they be top quality.

Documents edited by Red Pen Services are

  • clean and crisp
  • effective
  • impressive
  • memorable

Red Pen Services specializes in

  • organizing text so it flows smoothly
  • clarifying and tightening language to eliminate the possibility of misunderstandings
  • correcting embarrassing errors before it’s too late
  • collaborating with authors tactfully and professionally

My philosophy is that when it comes to writing, details count!

  • Information must be in logical order, or you risk confusing your readers and losing their interest.
  • Clear, unambiguous language is essential in making your message understandable to your target audience.
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation must be correct, to make sure your point is crystal clear.

I respect your organization’s voice and style the final product is your message written in your style.

I’ll make your documents the best they can be, so they’ll bring you the results you want.

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